Ligno3D Designer 3.20
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Ligno3D Designer 3.20

Ligno3D Designer is a simple CAD program that is fast, easy to learn
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Ligno3D Designer is a simple CAD program that is fast, easy to learn and fun to use. Initially aimed at wood- workers, but now used by many others, it specialises in the design of faceted 3D objects with few right angles — e.g., polyhedra, geodesic domes, compound roofs, weird houses, crystal models, gems, unusual furniture, sculptures and decorations.
It also does spiral stairs, tents, balloons, speaker enclosures, stealth aircraft, tanks, boats & coffins. Ligno3D Designer helps you build projects that would otherwise be far too difficult.
It solves the geometry problems associated with complex polyhedral objects, especially the solid angles needed to cut the edges of the faces. The help system includes instructions for making such objects from panel material, using biscuit joints and PVA glue.
Main features:
-Employs perspective projection & solid rendering
-Also, orthographic projection & 'wire-frame' views
-Pan, rotate & zoom using mouse or keyboard
-See precise distances & angles in the Status Bar
-Toggle the XYZ axes & groundplane grid on/off
-Toggle vertex diamonds & edge handles on/off
-Toggle all vertex and face numbers on/off
-Create new vertices using keyboard or mouse
-Make faces & lines by clicking vertices in order
-Select vertices, faces, edges & lines with mouse
-Move selections in XYZ via keyboard or mouse
-Rotate selections wrt XYZ via keyboard or mouse
-Multiple undo and redo for all 3D-editing changes
-Auto-scale project to suit current object size
-View context menus with the right mouse button
-Print 3D scenes or capture them as .bmp files
-Save 3D projects to L3DD's '.lig' project files
-Import and export objects as DXF, STL CAD files
-Shows 'unwrapped' plans of all or selected faces
-Shows all vertex, face & adjacent face numbers
-Shows accurate edge & diagonal lengths
-Shows accurate inter-edge & interfacial angles
-Change the overall scale of the plans
-Print out the plans on standard PC printers
-Shows 3 lists — Components, Faces & Vertices
-Components list has all the named components
-Face list includes bearings, inclinations & vertices
-Vertex list shows XYZ coordinates of all vertices
-You can print out the entire Data View
-Object Menu has usual solids, cones, spheres etc
-Other objects by face subdivision, stellation, etc
-Many other objects (e.g. soccer ball) as .lig files
-Symmetry centre, rotation axis, & 3 mirror planes
-All symmetry elements can be toggled on and off
-Apply the elements in real time or retrospectively
-They affect creation & movement of faces/verts
-Helixes and spirals via rotation axis plus increment
-Replicate faces & objects by reflection & rotation
-Replicate faces & objects via 3D matrices
-Select colors for the object and background
-Select discrete colors for individual faces
-Select a multicolor or psychedelic color schemes
-Choose various textures for objects or faces
-Import a texture from a bitmap (.bmp) file
-Undo and redo all whole-object and face decor


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